What’s going on at the moment?

Updated 19th March 2020

Where does the time go? It’s been well over twelve months since we last updated the ‘What’s going on at the moment’ section of the website and as always, we’ve continued to travel far and wide recording memorials and graves of our VC heroes. Nearly twenty-five years have passed since we started the project. Back in those days, there were no digital cameras, so every photo was shot on film. Transferring these to the website compromised the quality as many were scanned and then transferred. Much of the past twelve months has seen us re-visiting and re-recording many graves and memorials, paying our respect at the same time. Using film often meant we’d only take one or two photos, usually just a close up which meant if anyone was to visit a particular grave or memorial it could be difficult to locate, particularly in some of the larger cemeteries. With this in mind, we now take multiple shots from a distance and close up.  

You may notice that nearly every VC is now featured on the website. We are very close to adding them all and we are particularly grateful to Mark for all his hard work putting the site together and spending so much time loading photos and information. Once every VC has been added, we will then start from the first VC again adding all the additional photos we have collected, there are several hundred if not thousands to add. The website has always been ‘a work in progress’ and along with the additional photos and information there are amendments to be made. Over the years so many people have offered us photos and information, much of which is not widely known and often challenges what is commonly believed. As with all research work we are committed to ensuring that all the information we display is one hundred percent accurate.

Our network of friends around the world helping us to record all VC graves and memorials continues to grow, there are so many to thank. The remoteness of some graves and memorials was always going to present a challenge for us. Living on this small island often makes it difficult to comprehend the size of countries such as Canada, Australia, India and South Africa, so we can only once again thank so many of you for your continued help.