What’s going on at the moment?

Update 20th January 2019

The past four years have seen the unveiling of many memorials around the world marking 100-year anniversaries relating to the First World War. It has been a busy time for the team and we have endeavoured to attend as many unveilings as possible, particularly those remembering VCs. A field trip to the Nord Pas-de-Calais region of France in 2017 culminated with our attendance at Vimy 100, a very moving day at Vimy Ridge remembering so many brave Canadians. Due to busy working lives and the team living in different parts of the country, it was great that all of us were able to attend this trip together, much planning and many miles on the road but a trip we shall remember for many years.

We have put in a considerable effort to attend and record the unveilings of the individual First World War VC Commemorative paving stones. When we have been unable to attend on the day, we have visited afterwards. This has been a real challenge and once again we find ourselves sending out a huge ‘thank you’ to so many people that helped us and there are many. At the time of writing, there are still a few to record and we are hoping to produce a booklet covering them all. Funding will be required to make this happen and we will try our best.

Although a great concentration of our time has been spent recording and researching the paving stones, work has also continued on recording all VC memorials worldwide. Since the last update we have been very fortunate to have built strong links in Australia, Ireland, Canada and South Africa. Our aim was always to work towards building a comprehensive record of all VC memorials from first-hand visits, either made by ourselves or by those helping us to ensure that all the relevant details we display are accurate. We have worked with so many wonderful people worldwide, too many to mention here but we are truly thankful. Without your help we wouldn’t have the vast amount of information and material that we have. Some of those that have helped we may never meet in person but are sincere thanks extend to you all.

Help from within the UK has also been unbelievable. Again, we have worked with some wonderful people that have travelled many miles to record and research. Collectively, we’ve met many of you in person and that has only added to how special our journey has been.

The website will continue to grow, and we will continue to work towards building a comprehensive memorial record to all VCs.