What’s going on at the moment?

It’s been another busy year which has once again included many visits both home and abroad to record memorials. We have been particularly fortunate to have attended several VC paving stone unveilings, allowing us not only to photograph some unique moments remembering our VC recipients, but also giving us the valuable opportunity to meet their families and others with an interest similar to ours.

The website continues to grow and we passed the significant point of featuring 1,000 VC recipients earlier in the year. We continue to build on the material we have on each and every one of them so we would encourage you all to re-visit our pages as we are continually adding more material. We now have memorials to nearly every VC recipient and we will continue to build and add to the website as time passes.

To those that have contributed, we thank you wholeheartedly; material has once again arrived this year from all over the world. Due to our website building schedule, new material is not always added immediately but we are getting closer. We endeavour to recognise everyone who helps with the project and we are sure that when the site is completed, with all the material we currently have, there will have been a significant contribution from so many of you.

The variety of locations where we have recorded or received photos of memorials also continues to grow, ranging from the Houses of Parliament to the Bank of England, universities, street names, schools, train stations and shopping centres.

Our first visits started nearly twenty years ago and I don’t believe any of us would have ever thought we would have built such a huge collection of memorial images. As we continue to work towards a comprehensive record of all VC memorials, we would encourage you all to keep us informed of any other relevant memorials in whichever part of the world you live in or travel to.

It has also been a real honour this year for us to have been recognised in several publications. One of our goals was to create an online educational tool and it has been most rewarding to see that our site is being used as such.

Best wishes to you all

Steve Lee